Regan lands a job with her former college professor, her three classmates, Layan, Betaine and Samantha have planned to help her settle in to her new career and enjoy a weekend getaway at the professor’s country home.

The professor and his wife have a prior engagement and have plans to attend a seminar leaving their nine year old daughter Irene to stay with Regan and the girls for the weekend. Irene leads the girls on a tour of the house and introduces each of them to their bedrooms, one particular bedroom stands out as it has not been touched in years.

Lost in time. Her father left strict instructions that no one is to enter that room as it belonged to the former owner’s daughter Alice over fifty years ago and the artifacts in the room are peculiar and significant for his research.

Upon spending the first night in the old home, they discover strange artifacts in the basement and learn that the house has a malevolent past. Something sinister is about to make itself known.